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What nationality is tarek el moussa?

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First of all the name is elmoussa and its a common surname or last name in Lebanon. The entertainment world is still not very enthusiastic to giving muslims the lime light - "What about Shahs @ Sunset?" - The gay realtor on that show is half Jewish. Being Jewish is more than practicing Judaism, it's also to help other Jews scale and climb to the top. Jewish is the answer. In fact, his contractor on that show; his name is "Israel" - Hint. Hint. I don't know too many Muslims and Jews who work well together, allbeit true that I have seen a few Muslim/Jewish couples - so he may be half but it's the Jewish side that would have given him his break into national stardom....similar to the Shahs of Sunset...the main character - can't recall his name - but he and his best friend are Jewish or half Jewish. I don't see too many muslim people or islamic entities investing in media...so think of media as a special 'fraternity' if you will...and fraternities always look for their what? Brothers and future brothers... Please don't respond by stating I am anti Jewish or anti Muslim. It's just my humble opinion and I am not being biased or derogatory to either side. Cheers.

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