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What is national senior action council?

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I can't say what Nation Senior Action Council does, other than make multiple mailings every week asking for contributions from the elderly to help save the country. They seem to know the very triggers which encourage seniors to contribute to them so they can "save America". I'm not so sure they do much more than solicit funds. My 81 year old mother spends hours each day reading and fretting over their mailings, and a host of others who are constantly warning of dire consequences if they don't get enough money.  If others contribute as much as my mother, they're rolling in money.  In November of 2011, she has sent this group checks 7 times, and it's only the 23. Each check represents a mailing she received, warning of terrible things if they don't get enough money. They seem to know how to frighten seniors into writing checks. It's creepy and it's mean.  They know exactly what they're doing. I wrote them and asked them to stop, and it seems to have ramped them up. Seven mailings in less than a month. What a racket, and what mean spirited, greedy people.


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