Is there really a national daughters week? If so when is it ??

Is there really a national daughters week?  If so when is it  ??



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it is a noble idea, but no, there is no national daughters week.  it is seems to be an inspired attempt to either start the idea, or a low blow to propagate a fallacy.

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Sons and daughters week was Fri, 01/10/2010 - Sun, 31/10/2010

Sons and Daughters' Week is an annual campaign that can take place any week in October to celebrate the role that the sons and daughters of foster carers play in the fostering family. It is a great chance to recognise and reward everything that these young people do to improve the foster care experience for those children and young people living with them. Fostering has a huge impact on the whole household and it is essential that this is both recognised and celebrated.

Along the same vein as Sons Week is National Family Week.  It's an annual celebration observed during the week of Thanksgiving. It is a component of the Alliance for Children and Families’ civic engagement program.

National Family Week is designed to encourage Alliance members to celebrate strong families and advocate for policies that foster community connections.

National Family Week was founded in 1968 by Sam Wiley, a former teacher and administrator from Indianapolis.

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sorry, there is no national daughters week at the moment. you can check all holidays on this site . good luck!