What are some names for triplet girls? They have got to be something unique, beautiful, and nothing too insane.

Triplets...three lovely baby girls that will eventually morph into hormonal teenagers! My husband and I already have one boy, Kostas, and planned for him to be an only child for a while. These three started out as a single pleasant surprise which is now three surprises. Kostas was ecstatic about having some little siblings, right up until we found out they were girls so you can imagine how disappointed he is. Here our the meanings of our names and some of their origins. (I am of Greek descent and my husband is of Spanish/Italian descent. My full name is Juno Danaë D'Amuri; my first name means 'queen of heaven' in Latin and Juno is the equivalent of Hera, Danae is Greek and was the mother of Perseus by Zeus. My husbands full name is Dante Benedict D'Amuri; his first name means enduring/obstinate, his middle name means blessed, and 'amuri' basically means love. Our son's full name is Kostas Luke D'Amuri: Kostas is Latin and means steadfast, while Luke means light in Latin and was the writer of the 3rd gospel. We would prefer our daughters' names to be of the same origin as our own but it's not so important as long as they sound beautiful together. If you have children, what are their names? First names and middle names both are welcomed, thanks!

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My current favorite girls name is Hagar. But I don't know what other names would go with it really. Perhaps Sarah, which is my all time favorite girls name. And maybe Miriam which is the name of a close friend, sort of an adopted grandaughter. Or Maryam.

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