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Who named chicago untouchables

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I didn't know they named it that?

The untouchables were actually a federal task force led by Elliot Ness and consisted of hand picked police officers from the Chicago police force. At the time, Chicago and its police force were completely corrupt. Ness gathered honest officers and they were charged specifically with attacking bootlegging, with a special focus on Al Capone. At the time, any police officer could be had. Ness and his men couldn't be bribed or corrupted, and several murder attempts failed. The investigation started to look at high police officials and judges and councilmen and the like. All of who were owned by Capone. They kept attacking Capone's booze shipments and ignoring police officials until Capone said, in public, something like, "You think you're untouchable?" Reporters heard that, they picked it up and from then on they called Ness's men the untouchables. The war was never resolved and finally prohibition was repealed, but the untouchables gave Capone the only prison time he ever had, for tax evasion. And despite the fact that Capone still ran his organization from prison, that was the beginning of the end for him. When he got out of prison, he retired to Florida, were he died of syphilis.

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