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Asked: Needing a book suggestion

I am looking for a book for inner city high school students about a character's "evolution". About how they were forced to adapt to new circumstances. Suggestions?

Asked: Online book store

Which is the best online book store in the UK?

Asked: Book Store Online

Any reliable book store online in the UK?

Asked: Who is Brenda Dendy Stroud?

Who is Brenda Dendy Stroud?

Asked: Test

this is my test question

Asked: French Novel-Hotel is the main character

The author and title of a French Romantic Novel in which the story is told of visitors to a hotel, through the years, from the point of view of the hotel. The hotel, in fact, is the main character ...

Asked: What was this case about?

the william mothershed case what was the case about or based on?

Asked: Who wrote"the Vipers"

who wrote"the Vipers"