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Did NADYA SULEMAN'S Religion or Religious Upbringing Have Anything to do with Her Decision?

Was there any religious influence for NADYA SULEMAN to have all these babies: "Be Fruitful & Multiply"?

What was her religious upbringing?

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shes selfish theres nothing in the religion that says have kids with no job and no means take care of them on her own and steel from working people and show others they can do the same and get away with it maybe we should all do  the same tan nothing would get done who would be working if everyone did what she did the governmment has no money for us americans why should she be rewarded with moneys we can use im losing my home i have no job i am going to be homeless im getting food stamps thats not paying for my home she should go back to her country let them handle it i feel sorry for the kids the mom is nuts if she was lonely a cat or dog whould have given her a good walk

I do not recall any information regarding Ms. Suleman’s religious affiliation. And judging someone’s religion by their family name is dangerous. The majority of Sulemans [Suleymans] are Muslims, however many in Turkey, and the Arab countries converted to Christianity. There is also an outside chance of Nadya following some far eastern cult, or being an atheist.
In view of the above we should not speculate about any religious teaching being her guiding force. "Cuddles" observations are very apropos.

Nadya said she was "half Arab [her dad], half Lithuanian and a Protestant" but she also said the church she was going to was going to give her help and a house, which proved to be false, i.e., a pathological lie. (See the Wiki Discussion under "Suleman Octuplets".)

EDIT (Feb. 25): The more I read & hear about her I think she's seriously mentally ill . . . had an obcession to use her embryos and, as she said, fill an emptiness inside. (When I was a kid, I filled that emptiness with a dog . . . now I have a cat, lol!)

She & her dad seem to think this is God's will but if it was God's will 4 her to have children, she wouldn't have needed invitro.

It seems Nadya said many different things. A pathological liar is not a
practicing protestant. I still support the observations made by "Cuddles."

She is Jewish, Iraqi Jewish, becuase notice her baby names, such as :

5-year-old Joshua Jacob Solomon (boy)


Which is a pure Jewish name that no Arab or Muslim name his baby on this name. Any way you should know that there are many Jews living in IRaq and many Arab countries and Turkey, even in Iran.

Thanks anyway.




my name is judith but im not going to have 18 children and invetro is not acceptable it says be faitheful and multiply not make your own baby

Are you Stupid? or just ignorant?  i am of muslim faith and have a very jewish name...sarah... and the name jacob "yacob" and soloman "slieman" can be very arab names too. so what if she is Jewish...what is your point Karmoosh?

Jacob and Sulaiman are ok, but Joshua?????

no way baby for a muslim to take this name.....

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