Is it a myth that most or all college girls are bi?

Or that most are bi or bicurious and have been with girls and are attracted to girls? I've heard so often that when girls get to college most or all of them will end up having at least one lesbian relationship and that will like girls. The media also seems to support this saying it's weird for a girl to not have been bi during college( I don't remember the name of the show). I'm a guy and not into bi girls or girl on girl action(no offense to bi girls at all or bicurious girls), at least not for dating or sexual relationships. hearing all this about college girls gets me anxious. I'm starting college in the winter and I want to know if all or most the girls I see there are going to be into girls or trying it. Is this just a myth or it's true? I know that a lot of girls will be into that but is it most or all of them? Can I still find a girl who is straight in college and not trying it? How many are still out there?  Anyone been to college to know?

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