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We are going to have a DJ for our wedding reception. We really enjoy our music and have certain songs (other than our first dance song) that we would like played. Is it okay to give the DJ a list of songs that we want played?

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Of course it's okay to give your dj a list of the songs you would like to have him/her play at your wedding reception.  Don't forget you hired him/her, so s/he's is working to make you happy!Laughing

Of course, Im a DJ and I do alot of weddings. Thats what you pay them for. Let the DJ know ahead of time so he can make sure he hase it, you don't want to wait until the last minute to find out he don't have it, telling them ahead of time gives them time to find the song or put it in there playlist for that day Cool

Absolutely! Your DJ should welcome song suggestions. It helps him/her alot to know they are playing songs that make you happy...its your day!

...I totally agree with all the replies here, especially wicked742's. Give the DJ "PLENTY" of time to locate (or purchase) the songs you'd like. If you have them already in your collection, I doubt he/she would be offended if you loaned them to save time, effort and extra expense.

   I am a solo guitarist/singer and perform many 50th anniversaries and family reunions rather than weddings. While negotiating the contract I ALWAYS ask them to suggest a few favorite songs that I would try to learn for them and perform them "live".  Nothing bugs me more than being asked to learn a song a day or two before the affair takes place, especially when they had a six month period  of time to brief me, prior.

   Just curious Fiance...What is going to be "your song" ?

Congratulations and have a long and happy life together !

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