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Where did the murder of James Hoyt and Kristen McKay on (feb 11,2005) take place?

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cabin 28 in keddie cali is wrong that is a different thing that happened in 1981 where a mother son and family friend were beaten to death in a cabin james hoyt and kristen mckay were killed in 2005 im still looking for the answer to where though maybe u should go back and read that article again jayr so u can get ur facts straight!!!!

Hoyt's did not happen in the cabin 28. Those murders happened in 1981 and the Hoyt's were have said to happen in 2005.

First of all the movie is fiction. Not a true story!  He was inspired by many different real life murders..Like the Manson murders and the Keddie murders which were both real.  The address 1801 Clark Road where the fictional characters James Hoyt and Kristen McCay were killed is actually an address that Bryan Bertino grew up in..He used it because he wanted it to be as real to him as possible.  The Keddie murders happened in Cabin 28 on April 11, 1981 3 people were murdered, Glenna Sharp, her 15yo son, and a 17yo female family friend. Her 13 year old daughter daughters remains were found 3 years later near a waterfall 95 miles away.  Three young toddlers were spared and found in another room alive.

Hey I think you should get your facts straight. Kristen McKay and James Hoyt are

not fictional characters.  Kristen McKay is my cousin. I have slept, ate, and showered in the house she was supposedly killed in. Kristen is still alive and is sitting right beside me.  She is extremely angered by all the gossip regarding the trajic death of her fiance and would like everyone to know the facts.  She is scheduled to be on A&E to seperate fact from fiction next month. Stay tuned.

We went to the movie today in Atlanta GA while on tour promoting our new self help book "how not to use a knife when pissed off at your dog for pissing on the floor".  After talking with Oprah, and doing some highly detailed research on yahoomail.com we have found the movie to be false.  We do in fact have proof that in Atlanta there was a creepy white man beating off in the back while trying to get a free copy of our book.  We know for a fact that the couple depicted in the movie are alive and happy and living in the Finger Lakes in upstate NY.  We wish them all the best and if they want a copy of our book they may go to our website and purchase one.  We aint stupid and don't wanna give out no freebies.  Oprah taught us that.  Oh, and to all the fans of the View, if you go see this movie, the guy is hot.  We'd do him.  Word. 

They are fictional characters loosely based on the Keddie murders that took place 4-11-81

It took place in Pennsylvania

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