Are mummification processes the same?

Is the Chinese mummification process the same as the Egyptian mummification process?

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no they are a little different

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Egyptian mummies do not have internal organs as their were removed during the process of mummification.

Mummies found in china do conserve rest of all their internal organs.

Hi JTull,

Chinese mummies were naturally mummified, meaning that the environment and conditions of the burial of the bodies allowed for them to be dried and preserved naturally.  A lot of them were found in graves, ornately dressed and with plugs in their nostrils to prevent their noses from caving in.  In the Chinese Takla Makan desert, the mummies seem to have been part of ritual sacrifice.

With regards to ancient Egyptian mummies, although they started out naturally mummified by the hot sand they were buried in.  Then around 3000 BC they began the process of artificially mummifying the dead.  They would remove the insides (except for the heart), embalm the body, dry it with salt and then wrap it with linen.  They would also dry the removed organs and place them in Canopic Jars and bury them along with the body.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies

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