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Can you take mucinex d and tylenol sinus at the same time?

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You should call and ask your pharmacist... I wouldn't listen to what someone says on yedda, when it comes to your health.  The pharmacist is there for this exact type of question. 

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NO! - but you can take plain Tylenol and Mucinex D together if you need pain relief. "Mucinex d" contains: Guaifenisin and Pseudoephedrine "Tylenol Sinus" contains: Acetaminophen (Tylenol a pain killer 325 mg) Guaifenisin (thins mucus) Phenylephrine Hydrochloride (shrinks blood vessels in nasal passages - decongestant) Pseudoephedrine and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride are sisters as they do the same thing - you would get an overdose! Ephedrine drugs cause increase heart rate and blood pressure. Tylenol sinus ALONE can have adverse affects on people with heart disease, psychiatric illnesses on certain drugs, Parkinson's disease, and people who have problems urinating, with high blood pressure, or diabetes.

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Mucinex D is a decongestant. Which helps break up the mucus in your head and chest. Tylenol sinus basically i believe is a anthistamine. I could be wrong but when I take Tylenol sinus it dries me up!! So I wouldn't take the 2 together because ones to dry you up and the other is to break it loose hun.

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What are you trying to accomplish? Is it sinus relief or chest congestion? Most people that mention using Mucinex are looking to relieve chest congestion( by depriving motorcycle riding goons of mucous a place to live..) Guaifenesin is the primary active ingredient and comes in a generic and much cheaper liquid form. This combined with drinking plenty of water(yes its really true) is the safest most effective means of clearing chest congestion. As with questions concerning any medication all cosiderations have to be taken into account. Desired effect,your general health, allergies, other medications etc. 

Tylenol sinus is not an antihistamine. An antihistamine blocks the release of histamine from mast cells which is what allergens like pollen do. Histamine chemicals dilates blood vessels and causes more fluid build up as a result - i.e. the "itchy runny nose of allergies". Mucinex D contains not just the chemical that thins mucus but also a decongestant similar to that in Tylenol sinus (the "sinus" refers to the decongestant not the Tylenol which is a fever and pain reducer). Tylenol sinus contains a decongestant that shrinks blood vessels in the nose leading to less fluid in the nose. Mucinex D is a medicine that thins mucus so it runs out more easily and doesn't therefore sit there and stuff you up so much, as well as containing a similar decongestant. It works on all mucus in the nose and chest. Mucinex D also has a decongestant in it that is similar to the one in Tylenol sinus. Do NOT use them together or you are getting a double dose that may cause heart trouble. You can use PLAIN mucinex (NO D) with tylenol sinus and that is safe.

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