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Can MRSA be spread by drinking after someone that has it?

can MRSA be spread by drinking after someone that has it?

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No MRSA is spread through breaks in the skin such as abrasions, cuts, wounds, surgical incisions or indwelling catheters.

If you drink from someone's cup, unless you have an open wound in your mouth, you should be fine.

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I had MRSA go through my household last year.  It is a highly contagious virus.  The baby who had MRSA on her head had to have her scalp bathed, an ointment put on, and her head rebandaged until the sores were gone.  Whenever the dressings had to be changed, great care had to be taken that the drainage on the bandage didn't touch our skin. 

Her brother, whom we believed had had the virus under control, had a resurgence of the virus and ended up in the hopsital.  For almost four days, we didn't even know if he was going to live. 

Equally, MRSA is not like any other virus.  For some reason, the human body does NOT seem to be able to build up any kind of mechanism to fight off the virus.  It's not like any of the  viruses we see in our children's lives.  Just because you've been exposed to the virus, been to see the doctor, gotten treatment, and the leisons have healed does NOT stop it from coming back.

If you need any further information, your local health department should have quite a bit on this virus.  It's being called super virus because normal antibiotics are having such a hard time fighting it.

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