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Who was Mr. Milton Weintraub the furrier and designer?

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Mr. Milton was my uncle and he had a shop in Santa Barbara, CA and earlier in NYC. He was extremely knowledgeable, having been brought up in the trade of furrier and leather designing. He passed away in the 90's.

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well I didn't find the whole answer, But Milton Weintraub was a fur designer who apparently taught others what he knew. What i don't know is where his business was located but I am thinking probably California and I suspect the 1950s or 1960s. as his coats carry the union label.

That is cool. I love history so I would like to know if you can tell me anything about your uncle. I found this coat in an antique shop in Sanford, Fla. Like I would ever need it here! But it fit exactly and appears to be really well made. Someone else wrote on the internet that "everything i learned about furs i learned from Mr. Milton" but that was all. Connie Micklavzina, MD

hi ia am haroon if any one want a very chepest fur any atin............ contet me thanks




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