What is the meaning of "Live Together, Die alone" motto?

What is the meaning of "Live Together, Die alone" motto?

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I believe it means that death is a personal exprience. 

It means, Life Together by any means,.. so it's kinda like saying "All for one and one for all! for ex. Your going to have kill me to get to my friend. or i'll die to save you as you'd die to save me, so in fact they'll die alone but to save another which is kinda stupid unless you save a lot more then one.. I like the one for all part, but all for one is like well maybe not :P hope i helpped, i'm pretty drunk right now! sorry for thee typos'

it means if we can't live together, we're going to die alone. so stop with the hate and selfishness! we're all in this journey called life together.

My take on it is this...so listen up 8th graders who already posted on this topic:

"live together, die alone" might be an existential admission that we need others because we are relational people and need that connection with others...so it is more important to "be" with others (sacrifice one's selfish desires, wants, needs) in order to sustain a relationship with another person than to live alone...because we all ultimately die alone anyway.  Make sense?

it means don't let The Others kill your friends.

It means these people have been in a place between living and dying for 6 seasons.  They are trapped in that middle ground between life and death.  It is about letting go and moving on.  Living together is clinging to that life when more and more it seems to not be the way of things.    The way of things is that we all die alone.

In reference to Yeddi Mind-Trick:

First of all, you're stuck up. You know, you don't need to insult everyone else's answers. Obviously you haven't embraced the concept of "live together". The larger picture isn't about relationships; it's about facilitating survival and comfort. It is much easier to live with a group than it is to live on one's own, hardly an existential concept, unless you happen to believe life is existential. As for the die alone part, it's not about how no matter what happens it is all meaningless because you die alone; it is about individuals accepting death in the face of trouble in order to help the group. It literally means that it is better to die alone than to take everyone down with you. Therefore, rather than being existential, death is meaningful in that the dying individual is helping the rest of the group perpetuate their existence. As a whole, the entire saying is about selflessness and a joint effort to survive.

It means to me...Live together <as in get along with people (live and let live)> OR Die Alone. 

I mean...if you can't live around or with people...then the only alternative is live without them...alone...and if you live without people AND alone...you WILL die alone. 

Yeah...I'm confused, too.  Does anyone get that??? Sealed

"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."

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