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Why do my gears keep breaking on my harley

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It it an earlier tranny. Even a kicker?  or a later model. Regardless has anybody checked the runouts or mesch of the gears. Was it ran through by a hack , or someoene that left out a washer that ( should have been used as a spacer) I can think of 10 more. need more info ? which gears?

They don't have to leak either. The earlier ones had studs on the bottoms of the case. Especially the ones with over tightened aftermarket belts. They just need silicone on them & reinstalled. The later ones along with the chain oiler primary side gaskets leak, due to lack of maintentence. Tighhten. Harleys are more durable than you think. Poeple just want to keep riding & not maintain them.

Thanks Paul M, my bike is a 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide I recently put in a Barnet clutch because my stock clutch was going out and every since i have been breaking gears, the first time all 6 gears were broken the secound time only the third gear was broken.  Both times the bike was repaired by Harley Davidson.

07 Road Glide?  nice toy.  anyway... I'm no expert in the later models . When something like this occurred on some of the earlier tranny's, I'd blame the follower for the shifter. The fulcrum gets worn & it no longer rocks back n forth . It kinda' wears n wears till it only wobbles side to side . You finally hit the shift lever, tyin' to find a gear & it breaks. The shrapnel falls right n the rotating gears n wallah!!  $$$$

  Now I'm curious if there's any similarities in those trannys.  Is something out of tolerance in the case (because of being fragged) ? . I may look into a illustrated parts diagram. I probably have one somewhere. I'd look at some of the smaller parts. Alot of people throw on barnett clutches. There's always something stock that could be the weakest link as it transfers force. later Paul

The main reason why gears break in HD transmissions are:

1.  Driving too hard.  If you slamdance on your HD, it will eventually break.
2.  Misaligned gears and linkages.  There are two shafts in all HD transmissions, and they are critical fits that require spacers of the EXACT correct thickness to fit properly.
3.  Misaligned primary belt.  The engine produces a lot more torque than you might want to believe.  If the primary is not properly aligned, the primary input shaft can wear excessively and then snap.
4.  Misaligned secondary belt.  Softtails excepted, all HD's have either swingarms or are rigid.  If the secondary drive is not correctly aligned to the final drive, it can be under considerably greater stress than if properly aligned.

2-4, require the attention of a pro.  1, requires the attention of a bro. 

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