Does switching from synthetic back to conventional oil damage the engine

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the switch should not cause any damage.  I would change the oil filter at the same time.  Don't expect to have same number of miles between oil changes and keep an eye on the oil consumption until you see what to expect after the change.

thank you I'll remember that. I was asking the question only because the service department had installed the wrong oil. I am going to change it back and make sure that it doesn't happen again. Have a nice holiday.

lets ride!!!!!

Yes it will. An engine that calls for synthetic requires it.If you switch once you do you should not go back it will heat up faster because it doesn't have the same properties and the metal ,aluminum etc is used to the synthetic. Metal is porous and does absorb. I read your getting it fixed fast. Good no damage for short time should occur.

From what I have been able to learn it does not cause significant problems.  The synthetic has different heat capacity and also does not break down as fast, so if using "regular' oil, you will need to change it as recommended for your vehicle...along with the filter as stated above.  The fact the synthetic penetrates, and /or coats as an adhering film, the surface of the metals will only help, not hinder lubrication...and it will eventually be displaced by the "regular" oil if it is kept.  For an old time comparison, it is like adding synthetics to regular oil to improve their viscosity and heat capacitance...adding STP in the old days....or running without it...your choice.   

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