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1994 kawasaki vulcan 1500 carburetor rebuild kit

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Frankly, Cooldad, rebuilding the carb on a fifteen-year-old ricer is out of the question. That isn't because I have anything against Kawasakis, but because Kawasaki does not offer customer support on any bike that is more than three years old. Check with the local dealership parts counter, and try not to suffer ulcers when you pay for the part, wait four months, and then find out that it is no longer available through Kawasaki.

They'll be glad to apply your parts payment to the downpayment on a new Kawasaki, but they'll never support it after three short years.

The best alternative I know is to adapt it with a quarter-inch aluminum plate to a similar-bore carb from another manufacturer.

You'll never have that trouble with Harley. I can still get parts for my 1957 FLH.

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Here is a link to buy what you are looking for :

Kawasaki : VN1500-A8 Vulcan 88 (1994)

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