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Motor for looksha kayak

motor for looksha kayak

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When kayaking on the ocean, what is the best way to beach?

Catch a wave and paddle be careful that there are no people in your route.

How to make a kayak hatch cover

Without knowing the manufacturer and model no one will be able to answer your question. Even then it would be difficult. But if you give no info, you'll be guaranteed to get no answer. This is AOL Answers not the Psychic Hotline.

What size electric motors do they use for rotary tattoo machines?

They use coil and contact for most of those nasty things. However the old machines used shaded pole DC motors rated about 1/100 hp spinning at about 40 RPM. It is the same as you see in a clock but run on a flashlight battery.

What year is my mercury outboard motor serial (auto generated)20 h.p

The serial # has the answer. Maybe look on another web site.