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Dhar contains Neem leaves, sugar, white rice, Hardie, Sindoor, Clove, Camphor, flowers, milk/water, Doob grass, suparie, and nutmeg.

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Aaron Munnilal

Theres many different ways as to how Durga dhar is prepared. The main ingredients are 9. Turmeric, Milk, Neem, Tulsi, Sugar, Rice, Honey, Cloves, and Water. Sindur , Camphor and Attar are used, but you cannot mix them into the dhar. Dhar is offered as a drink to Mother, and think of yourself personally. Sindur tastes awful, camphor is highly poisonous and deadly if ingested, and attar is perfume to wear. Before offering the dhar, you mix the sindur and attar perfume together, and dot the lota 9 times all around on the outside. After offering dhar, burn the camphor. Supari and nutmeg are offered with parsad. So when doing dhar, its offered as a drink, parsad is offered as food, water, and perfume are considered a bath, jhandi flags are considered clothes, and also to welcome the Dieties to your home, aarti is to seek their blessings, and call them to that location to be the flame, and burn all evil and impurities from the atmosphere. Hope this helps :) Jai Durga Maa!

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