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Hi, David, how are you? AOL let me log in as toolajr.LaughingWhen I turned 65, did my disability turn into regular SS or does that happen at age 66? Plus, does SS require that I live at the address I provide for them? I am thinking of maybe using a forwarding mailing center if I move next year. Thank you. toolajr

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Good morning, Toola Jr.   Disability benefits convert to Retirement benefits (with no change in amount] when you hit Full Retirement Age; in your case, that is age 66; it will eventually rise to age 67.

Social Security does not require that you reside at the address that is used for your mailing address.   You can, in fact, use a PO Box as your mailing address if you choose to do so.   You should, however, always keep your mailing address current with them (even if you have direct deposit of your benefits).   If a letter they send out is returned as undeliverable, they suspend your benefits until they hear from you.

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