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Morgana of the lake story. The myth is what?

morgana of the lake story. The myth is what?

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sounds alot like the King Arthur story. A variation on the myth says that King Arthur was given a sword named Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake, though she was never known as Morgana. After King Arthur died, a knight named Sir Bedivere returned the sword back to the Lady of the Lake.

Morgana sounds like Morgaine, or Morgan le Fay (Morgan of the Faeries), who was King Arthur's half sister. 

Arthurian legend is based on fact.  These events did not take place in England, but instead a small northern kingdom of Eubechia.  The king, desperate to get tourist dollars, published all manner of fabulous tales about the happenings in Eubechia -- it was a little like Wayne Newton in Las Vegas next door to Penn and Teller -- utterly improbable.

The one thing that really made the difference was that everyone arrived on foot, in tattered sandals and worn-out shoes.

The king immediately seized on the idea to make sturdy footgear for the visitors and that is how their current indistry got started.  Their sturdy footgear is still around.

Certainly you have heard the term, "Eubechia Boots!"


Sorry, I pirated that from Rocky and Bullwinkle . . ..

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