I am looking for friend

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I think you are a scam artist.  Baby squirrel monkeys cannot be "potty and house trained" and there is no registry for monkeys.  You say they are DNA tested.  What are they tested for?  Also what does "USDA standard" mean? The only standards set by the USDA are for the care of animals, not for their conformation etc.  Anyone answering this ad by Lexie be aware that there are many scam artists on the web that advertise monkeys for sale and then demand a down payment that you will pay and then never receive your monkey.  Also, the importation of monkeys into the US for the pet trade has been banned since 1975 so if you come across a person wanting to sell you a monkey from out of the US then that is a scam also.  Never buy a monkey that is listed on a general website such as this until you check to see if the ad is legitimate.  Most of them are not.

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