Which is tough? online project management or real world project management?what do you think ?

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I decided to see if you get answers to this though question.  As no one dared to answer I'll give it a try.  I did both.  From my own experience real world project is tougher and there are many more "surprises".  However using online projects can be a good way to test the limits and do some experiments. 

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it is not easy to justify which is the best one. but i give you a hint in online do not have to face the people but you need to improve you skills in convincing writing word and other things. but in real word it plays a lot more different as you have to face people and their expressions , so you have to deal with it. find out more here.

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Both are part of the project management function which deals with planning, organization and management of project tasks. The difference lies in the process. The smoother the process, the more effective it is to administer project progress. At my company, the IT team has implemented Microsoft's project management software to enhance team collaboration, which in turn drives efficiency.

Both of them constitute management process. Resource Management is a very varied field. Management is the central area which covers all departments of an organization, therefore efficient management of employees or resources is necessary for the growth of company. It can be done manually or with the help of an resource management software, "eResource Scheduler".

Either its online project management or real world project management both of them are correct on their places but have their own pros & cons. A resource coordinator have to select from multiple options for managing resources. A resource planning software is used by resource manager for scheduling & management to get improved results.


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