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My house is falling apart and I have no money to do repairs. What do I do?

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You may be able to get some help from local organizations that can assist those in need for basic repairs, at no charge.  I know it sounds a little odd but there are business people that have dealings with various craftsmen and their companies.  I would start with the Carpenters Local Union hall or the Lions Club or Kiwanis club etc.  Talk it around, sooner or later, someone will connect you with a phone number that can help.

Are you in CT ?

By the way, what type of repairs do you need?

FB has asked a a very critical question. What do you need done?

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Better ask for some help, try asking your relatives maybe you can borrow from them, or get a loan so that you can have enough money for the house repair.

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I have no relatives with money. If I could get a loan I would. But all the money I make goes into bills, I work 2 jobs. I don't make enough money to pay for an other bill.

thank you.   

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