Do you think Publishers Clearing House big money ...

Do you think Publishers Clearing House big money contest are a scam? I have never heard of anyone winning the big one yet and this crap has been going on for years.They are pretty slick the fine print is small and lot of it,it could take weeks to read the whole thing.

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It probably isn't a scam, but it is a gimmick.  Many companies use sweepstakes to lure people into buying products.  People assume that making a purchase gives them better chances of winning. (it doesn't, and the companies are required to put that in the fine print)  Usually, the contests are legit, even though the odds of winning are not very good, and the prizes are eventually awarded to someone.

PCH got a black eye from a copy cat in the 1980s & 90s, American Family Publishers, who were deceptively vague in their mailings.  They have since gone out of business.

The last time I actually looked at a Publishers Clearing House mailing, I was surprised to find that different kinds of products are being offered.  I guess people don't subscribe to magazines like they used to.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

PCH has a website that lists their winners.  You can look at all of the happy faces there.

One of the things that always drew me in as a kid was the stickers.  You had to look through the list of magazines and afix the appropriate stickers to their entry form, which looked like a  professional college diploma of sorts!. Then you had to put certain stickers in certain places to make your entry "valid".  As a sticker book fanatic, I couldn't resist this.  I always got Cat Fancy and one other magazine.  However, now I am just waxing poetic and reliving my youth!  The obvious appeal is that anyone can win, and you have to be willing to go through the "sticker gauntlet" which is the reason most people don't bother entering.  I guess now you can enter online, which seems like such a letdown compared to that huge envelope with all its rules and regulations!

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Yes i think that it is a scam

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