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My mon used to be on a German language chat line ...

My mon used to be on a German language chat line called Places-Germany. Anyone know the address(URL)of that chat line. When we put in Places- germany we get a tourists listing of sites to visit, not a

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How hard is German?

I agree with what bwalle says. All I can add is that I found it easier to acquire a satisfying reading and listening level than an equivalent writing and speaking level. Understanding German content produced by others is one thing -- producing that content is another. So you may be able to read ...

Where do I find the German boardsof long ago??

AOL discontinued all the Message boards almost a year ago. If you try an old link, you get redirected to AOL Answers.

I want to start a chat line business. Please help with specific info

There are lots of companies out there you could try like: http://www.readymadetelecom.co.uk and here is an example of one of their sites: http://www.phonesexhoneys.co.uk Good luck with it! :) Melissa http://www.phonesexhoneys.co.uk

German translation

Hi Shirly, -------------- Schmerz = pain and prinzessin = princess and together it means "princess of pains" trying to say that she feels too often pains from every little thing. ---------- Best regards,