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I need help. My mother,sister, and I are very close and we have always been open about sex. I've been married for years to a good guy. My mom is getting a divorce and hasn't dated in over 6 months ...

Simply tell your mother that real friends don't feel obliged to exchange services of any kind, least of all her ruining your marriage.  Keep your mother out of your house and away from your 13 year old son.  She sounds as if she has developed a sex addiction, and is smearing that ugliness all over your house. You have adopted children.  You should qualify for respite care provided by your local social services agency.  Have a long talk with your husband about your mother's social diseases and her desire to teach your son to please himself.  That should keep them apart while you are away.  Inform him that infidelity will end your marriage.  You need to start looking at your mother as a woman with a mental illness that is hurting your family and potentially all your children.  You may want to go out and get away from the kids from time to time, but what your mentally ill mother is suggesting is a very high (and revolting) price to pay for babysitting.

Tell your mother to get some help and that until she does, she needs to stay away from your husband and your children.  Tell her that you no longer feel SAFE with her in your home.  AND, tell her if she is that hard up, to hire a male prostitute and to never suggest such an atrocity to you again.  This is not your mother, but an illness speaking, but you need to protect your family first.

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