Mom and

What situation do you think and did i overreact?
what situation do you think and did i overreact

What situation would you think that she would say "Give away"? I mean what would be her reasons. My mom knows everything I have is new since I started going to the thrift store in December 2007.

And before finding the thrift store: In September 2008 I went thru all my clothes and gave away the crap.

However, about three weeks ago my mom came into my bedroom and said "You love fashion, why dont you pursue a career in fashion". I blurted out without thinking "But I am NOT going to give my clothes away" Which made her say "I would never tell you to give things away."

However, my impression was that she said "I would never tell you to give things away" as if she was too afraid to tell me to give things away because I would get angry. And her comment "I would never tell you to give things away" bothered me only because if she did feel secure enough to tell me to give things away she would have. And she knows that I love everything I have and I would never give any thing away. My feelings would be "how dare she even suggest giving away"

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She seemed to genuinely be suggesting a career for you based on the clothes you have picked out, which must be very fashionable.  I'm not sure why you felt she wanted you to give your clothes away or if she had mentioned it before.  I believe you should give her the benefit of the doubt and just believe she wants the best for you and really thinks your clothes choices are great.  The main thing is, would you enjoy a career in fashion?  If so, pursue it.

Sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

As I understand your question, there are two elements at play: 1) there is what your mom actually said to you, which can be taken at face value and, 2) there are the alternate meanings you are trying to attach to what she said to you, which may or may not be true.  I have answered at least one of your questions before, voterperson, on incubus spirits.  I have also read through the questions you've asked on yedda.  It is not at all my intention to offend you.  But, I think that, rather than burdening people on yedda with questions like yours, you might consider some professional psychological counseling.  From a normal, healthy person's perspective, the tone and content of your questions are riddled with stress and paranoia.  You seem obsessed with the idea that people (mothers and bosses etc.) are out to get you.  You often seem on the defensive against non-existent attacks by other people and perfectly normal sets of circumstances.  It's as if you're always defending yourself against what you think other people in your life are saying and doing rather than what is actually happening as objective reality would dictate.  Your questions about having sex with incubus spirits, in particular, reveal just what enormous amounts of stress you are under.  My point is that it is very difficult for rationally thinking people to answer such irrational questions.  Of the 133 questions you've asked on yedda thus far, I feel that they can all be cumulatively interpreted as a loud cry for help on your part.  Therefore, that is what I think you should do.  Get help: professional help, that is.  I'm very sorry if I've offended you.  But, you see, judging from what you've written on yedda so far, I think I might have stood in your shoes at one time in the past.  What you write comes across to me as a familiarity from long ago in my life.  This is why I am telling you what I am telling you.  Irrational thinking coupled with lack of perspective on normalcy is not a pleasant way to go through life.  Added to that, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how simple it is to achieve normalcy again with the help of a qualified professional.  Well, anyway, that's what I think.  Good luck with all of your plights.                     

Hello, voterperson,

  I have to say that after reading your question and some of the responses that have come your way, I agree with Frater Manifesto.

  You seem to be going around in a circle within your own mind.  The issues you are chasing are ones that would be best dealt with with professional help.

  I hope you will seek professional counseling.

  Elena Bidden or not, God always enters in. Carl Jung

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Hello, voterperson, I have to say that after reading your question and some of the responses that have come your way, I agree with Frater Manifesto. You seem to be going around in a circle within your own mind. The issues you are chasing are ones that would be best dealt with with ...

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