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My mom always likes to brag about herself. She always likes to say that she was so beautiful when she was younger and how a lot of guys hit on her. My mom never even says how I am beautiful, but ...

Your reaction is exactly what your mom wants. For some people, the only way they can feel good about themselves is by putting other people down and denigrating them every chance they get. She knows you're beautiful, and she's jealous of you. Her life is passing her by and she's too immature and needy to age comfortably, so she indulges in this desperate, sad rush to try to make herself look good by abusing you and breaking your self confidence and self esteem. She's a really lousy mother. No parent with any genuine feelings for their child would ever put you down in this manner and make themselves look good at your expense. Face it. She doesn't love you. She doesn't care about you. She only care about herself in a selfish, immature manner, and I seriously doubt she is capable of feeling love at all. Your mother is an abusive asshole who needs to freakin grow and and stop pretending she's till a teenager. I'm sorry if that seems harsh or hurts your feelings, but I don't believe in bullshitting around with the truth. It made me a lousy psychologist, but a great friend. You need to get out on your own and live your own life, making friends who are appreciative and positive and not busy trying to score points on you. I'm sure you're a very nice, lovely woman that any man or woman would love to be friends with. But you have to fight your way out of this and realize nothing your mother says is true. And frankly, you're a far better person than she will ever be. I have no patience whatsoever with abusive parents. I've been on the victim end of THAT stick, and at this point, I'd much rather just kick their asses and make sure they NEVER get another chance to be a parent and screw up some other kid's life.

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thanks (:

You made me feel so much better. I enjoyed your words of encouragement.


You're very welcome, and it's my pleasure.

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