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Mold under linoleum

We recently moved into a house and have noticed that there is a dark spot forming under the lino near the tub. We did not notice this spot when we were first looking to buy the house. I was wondering how long it takes for mold to form under the linoleum after water gets in there? I am wondering if this could have been caused by us in the few days that we have been here, or by the previous owners.




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Mold can start to grow 24-48 hours after it is wet and if the conditions allow for it. If its just a little spot then it could have just started. You might need to be more concerned about what you cant see. I recommend you call someone like us Advanced Restoration Inc. If you would like more info you can contact us at 1-877-dry-me-out  or we have info at www.drymeout.com  Hope this helps

We are located in the Tampa Clearwater area if you would like us to stop by

There are quite a few self help techniques to deal with mold damage, we also have information in the Tampa area regarding mold and microbial remediation. The key is, is to fix the source of the damage, which we can do with thermal imaging technology.


Mold growth is possible in that sort of time. If you lift up the linoleum and the wood has started to break down from the mold then i would say that it has been there for a long time.

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Mold under linoleum

Mold growth is possible in that sort of time. If you lift up the linoleum and the wood has started to break down from the mold then i would say that it has been there for a long time.

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