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There seem to be a little mold in our basement ...

There seem to be a little mold in our basement. There has been so much precipitation this Winter and Spring that it is definitely winning the battle on my house. Is there a way that you can do the mold test yourself or should it be only done by professionals? I am just wondering just because it is a very small site.

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I've lived in my house for 28 years almost to the day, and fight mold.  I have to keep my basement really clean--which means power scrubbing the floor once a year and sometimes washing walls.  What about the wood joists?  Oh, that's lots of fun standing down there spraying them with peroxide.  I have to do it when it's not TOO damp down there, but still seems to work better when the mold is active, which means when it's at least a little damp.  I got some stuff at Sam's club that came with a sprayer in a 1 gallon jug.  The name of it is Odo Ban.  It's herbal.  You might want to research it--I think it did a great job at INHIBITING further mold growth, but I don't think it was really effective at killing much of it.  I would spray full strength, the house would smell pretty strong for 2 or 3 days, but as long as the residual odor of Odo Ban was present, the mold didn't seem to increase. 

 You heard that a nuisance may become a major problems. Same here. simple mold may creates a problem in your basement. Not single can do this but a army of that may create problems.

As per my opinion you need to contact with the basement experts to check out the basement. Matrix basement is best for that.

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