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Mobile home wall condensation

Hello! I am currently repairing my mothers mobile home on cape cod , Mass. from a water disaster.! all of the paneling and insulation has been removed. Walls treated for mold. I want to install sheetrock thruout but i'm concerned about condesation / mold returning from within the walls. It's an older unit with alum. sheet panels attached directly to the 2-1/2" furring /studs for the exterior sheathing. Unit does not have a clapboard style exterior. To me it seems like the solid exterior panels won't allow for "breathablity" and would tend to sweat, increasing the chance for moisture problems. What kind of insulation is best for this application? Can or should i install a vapor barrier on the inside walls before sheetrocking? If not, Any thoughts on other products or options would be VERY appreciated! I'm assuming that there is a special type of paneling used if i have to go back to it? exterior grade or water-resistant.? Many thanks in advance for help.!!!! Duncan

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