Mixing Antibiotics & Vitamins

Can you take multivitamins with antibiotics together? I was told that the vitmains would make the antibiotics ineffective.

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It depends on what vitamins and what antibiotics

Some interact and some dont - it depends on the actual details.

Check with your pharmacist if in doubt and they can run a query through their computer system to check for interactions

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Some antibiotics will bind up with the MINERALS contained in some vitamin products and also dairy products.  Then you may not get the full dose of the antibiotic.  Best to ask the pharmacist when you get your prescription filled, some you can just avoid the dairy products a couple of hours apart from the antibiotics, but since the minerals are more potent, it is best to avoid them by several hours, or just not take them at all while on the antibiotic.  Like the tetracycline antibiotic, since it is usually taken 4 times daily, or the quinolone antibiotics (like ciprofloxin) which is taken twice daily, it is usually recommended to avoid minerals for 4-6 hours, so best to just skip them while on the antibiotic. Another quinolone, Levaquin, and Avelox are only once daily, so you could take the antibiotic at bedtime and the minerals in the morning, or the other way around. Hope I was of some help, but still best to ask the pharmacist when you get the prescription, and you can always call if you forget.

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