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Can you mix vicodin and antibiotics

will taking an antibiotic ruin the effectiveness of taking a vicodin

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I wouldn't recommend it.  Check with your physician.  If at all possible, STOP the Vicodin.  (I am an M.D.)

Vicodin is an analgesic of acetaminophen with hydrocodone.  Taking with antibiotic is not a problem.  The problem is vicodin.  It is very addictive.  The more of it you take the higher the dose you need to over come the pain you took it for in the first place.

I see no problem with taking both, but be careful it can be very addictive. Of course check with your doc but can be taken with an anti-biotic.

Ask your doctor--but i don't think so i was taking vicodan and erythromycin together  i thing it depends on the antibiotic

Hi Debbie, as a previous pharmacy tech and a fellow chronic pain sufferer with fibro, cmp, adrenal insuff so much etc.. you can take Vicodin w/ antibotics first make sure you eat cause I don't know what antibotic ur on,,,remember there is tyl in vicodin I don't know what strength ur on I am on hp 10/660 and was just taken off percocet and now straight oxycodone...this whole addiction thing gets me so riled up I have a very large website for fms, lupus chronic pain ,,,I just want to point out once again addiction and dependency 2 different things, people who get addicted usually are getting high off their meds, dependency (just like u may take heart meds everyday) is what its called when you are taking narcotics for pain, I don't get high on some of the stuff they had to give me morphine, etc,,,it just kills the pain,,,my biggest problem is I am very sensitive to narcs they whole make me swell legs and feet then can't walk and turn my legs red allergic reaction, but I can take reg percocet fine yet the oxycodone 15mg and only taking maybe 2 not even a day and I have been swelling legs red and itchy, and i am suppossed to take 6/day and 6/day of vico...I come no where near that maybe max 2 aday,,bad day 4 so it really all depends. I just don't want to see people who have to take these crappy meds scared off by this "addiction" term when we don't know what or how much they take it for...IMHO  this is not to make anyone made we go thru same ???and concerns at my site...hope this helps also please always ask your pharmacist they know the best even over docs cause thats their job..

Yes..you can takee both med's. I'm in nursing and we give our patients antibiotics and pain meds all the time. When there is pain there is often sometimes and infection too.

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