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Discuss Joyce Peller's answer to: When i mix a cluten free flour the dough doesn't come together.what am i doing wrong?

how to mix a cluten free flour

Low gluten flour is great for pancakes, biscuits, and such, because it lacks gluten.  It makes great biscuits because there is no "flour glue" to hold it all together.  That is cake flour. 

High gluten flour (hard red wheat, durham, semolina) has loads of gluten because that flour is made for bread and pasta.  That is bread flour. 

If you make bread out of low-gluten flour it won't rise with yeast or even form a good loaf.  You need baking powder, or butermilk and a little baking soda, to make low gluten flour rise and bake well. 

General purpose flour is about halfway between cake flour and bread flour.  It does an acceptable job at everything.


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