Mitt Romney needs to be vetted . The man is ...

Mitt Romney needs to be vetted .

 The man is hiding and refuses to show us his tax returns . He needs to answer why he wants to ban PPH and overturn Roe v Wade.

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more of a statement than question

Romney will turn over the tax returns required and he has been vetted more than we can say for Obama because if you google who vetted Obama you will find it is vague and the only name that comes-up is Nancy Pelosi.

He has never said anything about overturning Roe vs Wade that is Bull puckie. 

His time with Bain is very well recorded and his record is clear.  Those who have tried to smear him have been proven to be Dem plants.  Like the man who claimed he killed his wife.  The mans' wife died 7 years after the man lost his job, he was offered another job but refused, his wife had her own insurance.  All this has been disclosed and proven.  It was an embarrassment to the Dems.

Romneys' record with the Olympics is recorded.  We know where he went to school.  We know unlike Obama he worked and paid for his own education no help from his father.  We know he is a selfmade man, we know what he believes in......America and all it stands for. 

As for Obama this is your mystery man however he is being slowly discovered and it is an ugly story.  He lied in his autobiography he wrote when he was 30.  Douglas Baird, dean of the University of Chicago Law School gave him an office and made him a Visiting Law and Government Fellow.  Baird has said he was astonished that Obama was only 30 years old and going to write an Autobiography. 

Richard Epstein dean of the Law School in 2001 while Obama was there said he did not see any signs of intellectual curiosity or power in Obama.  He also said Obama was not a tenured prof.  He had never written a scholarly article.  Epstein also said Obama saw himself as a serious intellectual, which he definetly was not. 

Obama won't release his college transcripts, passports, thesis or any records from his past and is paying lawyers billions to keep it all under wraps also asking that they be buried forever. 

You people do not know Obama, nobody knows Obama except from his books he made-up.  Even his mothers passports were supposedly destroyed in some sort of fire.  You want a mystery man you got it in office but his life and the people who know him are slowly coming out and telling their stories including Rev. Wright who is not fond of him anymore. 

You are all going to see the mistake you made in electing him when it hits and it will come out.

Lady Darko 

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

Romney bought up profitable companies selling them off in pieces making million of dollars. He then shipped many many jobs to other countries for cheap labor so he could make millions and millions of dollars. He did not care about the lives and families of the American worker he destroyed.n

Myth Romney is a draft dodging tax evading corporate vulture . He was a registered lobbyist while he was in ' charge ' of the Olympics . At Bain he destroyed jobs , stole pensions and declared those companies bankrupt leaving the bill to the tax payers . Myth Romney needs to be properly vetted . Obama is the embodiment of what America is about , someone who worked his ass to reach his potential unlike Myth silver spoon Romney . Obama was vteed by Americans , millions of Americans , and it's why he will be re-elected in spite of republicans disenfranchising millions of voters much to the chagrin of the Ladywackos of the rightwing underworld .

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