Mitt Romney-American parasite

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Just read a great article on Romney's time at Bain Capital. I had skimmed the stories about Romney and Bain, and I guess I though he was like the equivalent of Gordon Gecko - taking over troubled companies, then slashing jobs and yanking any cash out of the soon to be bankrupt company.

The article explain that was not what Romney did while at Bain.

It was worse. Much worse.

Join me below the orange bug.

No, Romney took healthy companies and sucked the life out of them.
Pete Kotz explains -

His formula was simple: Bain would purchase a firm with little money down, then begin extracting huge management fees and paying Romney and his investors enormous dividends.

The result was that previously profitable companies were now burdened with debt.

During his race Senator Kennedy in 1994, he blithely fired all the workers in company in Indiana. Made them reapply for a 50% cut in pay. They went on strike and then the Kennedy campaign made commercials using the striking workers. The commercials had an impact - Romney lost big - getting only 41% of the vote.

But did he learn?


He seemed incapable of noticing that his brand of "creative destruction" left a lot of human wreckage in its wake. Or that voters might see him as more scumbag than saint.

I have had a long day, and urge you to read the article online.

By all appearances the GOP parasite will get the support of those other parasites , the tea partiers . Then if by a miracle their God ables Mitt to be elected and he starts to slash the tea partiers benefits they will do what ignorant republican voters always do , blame liberals , or the liberal media . Tea party parasites have never learned what most people with even a high school education have already learned , the GOP is the party of the rich and for corporations . That the tea partiers would even consider themselves to be part of that crowd just goes to show their pathetic mentality . 

Barak Insane Obama Kenyan Socialistic dog and snake eating lying scumbag who plays the race card like the lowlife he comes from.

Lady Darko

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