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Missing Shoulder Socket

My 36 yr. old son recently visited an Orthopedic doctor and after a thorough examination was told by the Dr. that he did not have a socket in his right shoulder?? Said he was born with this?? The Dr. told him that he had only known of 16 other cases like this. could you please explain to me how this is possible and if he will have any major problems in his later years. Thank You.

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Hi Dawg63: This is genetic. Look up Musculo-Skeletel Congenital Anomalies. This will tell you about Genetic Predisposition vs/ Environmental Influence. It's probably in someones family in his blood line. As he gets older he will probably need shoulder reconstruction.Be careful as he may dislocate it easely. This can be dangerous. I'm surprised your Ortho. did not fill you in on all this. Dr Ron Grassi, Jupiter,FL. Smile 

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Currently not practicing actively,Dr Ron Grassi,DC.,MS.,Qualified Expert Witness,Biomechanical Trauma, Jupiter,Florida.

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