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I missed my period by 6 days. I have No symptoms ...

I missed my period by 6 days. i have no symptoms at all, no breast tenderness, no cramping, nothing...that is extrememly unusual for me. i usually start feeling period symptoms 4-6 days BEFORE my period. Could I be pregnant? (my period runs about 5 days after my period is due, going by the 28 day cycle)But I have never Gone over 5 days late.

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According to your description there high chances that you
are pregnant
, but it is not sure.  Why guess, make a test
Best regards,
Love is the battery of life....

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Hi. Not having symptoms doesn't mean anything :-) A home pregnancy test should be able to give you your answer.

Good luck!
Rachel Inbar

p.s. with my last pregnancy, I found out when I was 6 weeks pregnant!

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There are so many things that affect our monthly cycles that it's difficult to say that you're  not pregnant.  Even though you don't have any of the normal symptoms, something else could be different from your normal day. For example, when I was pregnant with my first, I had extreme bloating in my lower abdomen. Interestingly, I never experienced this symptom with my next two. When in doubt , check it out. take a pregnancy test and check out:


i missed my period already for some days. i took the test and it showes me that i'm not pregnant !

what should i do now 

If you have always been on time, then I suggest you get a preg test as soon as possible as this is clearly out of character.

I wish you lots of luck.

Hello there

I can only suggest that you wait another couple of days and get tested again. 

If after the second test it still shows negative, then I suggest you visit your GP for further advice.

Hope all will be well.

Best wishes

if u find out ne thing let me know . im 6 days late right now... and im worried as can be

Hi there,

im married,but not trying for any kids at the moment,but also not using any kind of contraceptions.its all done in a natural way.

im kinda worried i sometimes have a dark brown spotting after intercourse,which is surely not a blood.and ive noticed it even happens when im on a strict excercise.

coz first time i had this symptom whn i was on excercises before i was married n even missed my period the same month n i was never in a relationship too.

Its been 7 months im married now n recently ive missed my period for the 1st time,i did have some brown spotting on n off specially after intercourse,n also having some back pain,i did home pregnancy test twice but its negative.but was wondering is it possible that i had negative test, n still i might be pregnant?

it will be nice to hear from anyone.Thankyou!

Im married women. Very much want kid. I have missed my period by 5days. this is right time to check prengcy test or wait for more time?

as well as suggest me that should I take precaution like not having sex, stop eating chiken or hot things? Let me know?


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