Do you miss George W. Bush?

A group of businessmen have rented a billboard that shows George W. Bush with the caption, "Miss Me Yet?"

Do you miss George W. Bush as President of the United States?

A George W. Bush billboard located outside Wyoming, Minn.Courtesy Minnesota Public Radio

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I do I do lol I miss him picking his noses and the rediculous things he used to say...Smile I miss the way his hair smells I miss his wife by golly I just miss em!! Ask me no questions I will tell yah no lies Laughing Good day sir (or maam) it has been a pleasureWink

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”-Dr.Seuss

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I had ta i had ta i had to answer this twice i missed him I want to see his face on that billboard just one more time before I said Goodbye ;)

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”-Dr.Seuss

In contrast to our present TOTUS(Teleprompter of the United States)....Yes, very much!

Life is a one lap race. Make many pitstops.

I miss thee days when yedda didn't censor free speach.It came with the obama crap

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."


The Judge Says:


Enter Coats. Exit Bayh. Bye, bye, Bayh!

The first time Evan Bayh gets a serious race for re-election, he quits!

The Scott Brown victory is still rippling through the House and the Senate causing retirements among committed, dedicated, long-term liberal Democrats. Seeing voter anger, they are heading for the hills.

The process seems to work as follows:

a. Public anger manifests itself in the Brown victory.

b. The improvement in Republican chances impels top notch, former statewide elected officials to jump into races against Democratic incumbents.

c. The Democrat bows out in the face of likely defeat. Suddenly, he wants to spend more time with his family.

This process has run its course in Indiana and may shortly be manifest in Wisconsin where former Governor Tommy Thompson is considering a run against Senator Russ Feingold. It may yet play out in Arkansas where Senator Blanche Lincoln now has a top tier opponent in Congressman John Boozman. And Senator Patty Murray may hear footsteps behind her with the entry into the race of wealthy businessman Paul Akers and the possible entry of former almost-Governor Dino Rossi. Rossi lost the governorship of Washington State in a Franken-esque theft after initial counts showed him defeating Christine Gregoire by 261 votes. Now Governor Gregoire won in the recount.

In New York State, billionaire Mort Zuckerman may take on appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and, if he doesn’t, former Governor George Pataki might jump into the race.

When we predicted a Republican win in the Senate in 2010, some laughed. But nobody’s laughing now.

On a less high profile level, the House is also swinging Republican. The death of Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha opens the way for a likely GOP pickup in a special election and the Republicans now stand to pick up ten more seats through Democratic retirements. One wonders if the likes of Texas Democrat Chip Edwards, South Carolina’s John Spratt, or Arkansas’ Mike Ross might not be far behind in the race into retirement.

It now looks more likely than ever that Congress will go Republican in the elections of 2010.

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!

The world loves Obama for he IS NOT A WARMONGER... Obama does not run a Rogue state that goes against NATO rulings in Invading a country... Obama does not Bully countries with "you are either with us or against us"....

Do you hate Obama because he doesnt like blood on his hands ?.... Because to the rest of the world bush was like a head vampire with his warmongering bloodsuckers under the guise of Christianity.

George Bush may as well have stomped over all the 9/11 victims graves, When he brushed aside the war on Bin Laden in order to profit from oil in Iraq. Tell me you are proud of this. I have watched the faces of those young marines (They all look like Babies, not legal enough to have a beer) March on to those Planes and carriers en route to Iraq.... With all the faith that their President has made the right decision for his country with the best Intel their country has to offer..

Then later on their greiving mothers read about the Plans to invade Iraq were drawn up before 9/11 and the Plans to Invade Iran have been waiting for approval for a long time..

..Tick... Tick... Tick.... Now look away from your computer and gaze at your kids playing on the floor.... Now imagine in a few years time with a Rifle and helmet in Iraq... With the Oil men and War profiteers cheering them on as they toast their champagne glasses and big fat cigars from the comfort of their American Mansions..!!

If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.... How Lethal is an E-Mail ?

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