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Do you miss the old Yedda (AolAnswers)? I was wondering because I kinda miss the old platform.

The old platform was excellent.  There was free exchange of ideas which means an open society of friends sharing information for the common good.  That is always to be encouraged.

Lately there has been a racist hatemonger who posts vicious lies incessantly and is obsessed with Rocmike3.  This person intends to shut down all communication in the name of mindless racism and sheer bitter animosity.

It is a shame that such lunatics hopew to control everyone through sheer bigotry, animosity, and anger, but all such persons eventually fail.

In the meantime, there is still the occasional gold nugget on AOL Answers.  We merely need ignore the sole racist here and all things are back as they always should have been.

What we can imagine, we will eventually do.
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot aka Reginald Harper everyone would love to delete your insane racist right wing crap. It is the same thing over and over every hour of the day. You are too stupid to understand that all of your aliases post exactly the same.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic

Indeed Yedda was excellent.  People from around the world met online here and exchanged their views, broadened their outlook, and found that precious common ground that makes friends out of enemies.


Then dfrogpong came along as the one and only racist hatemonger and leftist bigot of AOL Answers.  Hatemongers are unforgivable by their definition but that is what they get for becoming leftist liberals therefore obsessed with hatemongering, racism, and all else that is leftist therefore worthless.


Hatemongers are by definition leftist liberal but thank God only about 1 person in 1,000 are leftist liberal, therefore, compulsive and unforgivable hatemongers.

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