Do you miss the Old AOL Message Boards Yet?

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I missed them the day they did away with them. They were AOL's best and most popular product.

doesnt was hellbent on getting rid of them despite opposition

I bet some of you miss communicating with other posters on those boards. Many people were suddenly cut off from friends.


Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Maybe the web site was compromised by hackers so AOL decided to say nothing an replace it with this cheaper crap? I miss AOL 6.0 things were more simpler and you got more for your money. What you get now is an extension of the rip off garbage at a higher price with less in return.

You can try searching in the browser for screen names if the person is still using the same one. Eventually a site may appear that carries the screen name in a post. For instance Allfordixie has a daughter or granddaughter using his while he has modified his. Saw picture of them once at a site so I assume it was them. Lost the pixture because of a blown hard drive.

I miss the good people who posted on them, but I stay connected with them through email and FB.  I DON'T miss the bullies of the boards that I frequented.  They thought they owned the boards and if you were on their hit list, they would do everything and anything to put you down, hoping that you would just crawl away and leave.  I know because I was one of the ones who they enjoyed calling names, making fun of, putting down, whatever they could do, every chance they got.  They ruined EVERYONE'S board reading, all because they couldn't stand me, and a couple of others, and wanted to do all they could to belittle those they couldn't stand.  For me, I stayed strong, and didn't allow them to chase me away.  It's too bad that AOL did away with the monitors because when we had monitors, the bullies didn't get away with their crap.  In fact, they lost their screen names many times because of the nastiness that they spewed.  The bad thing was, instead of taking their reprimands like an adult, they would just go in and make up another screen name, and continue on with their bullish behavior.  They made a lot of the good people leave because the boards were no longer fun to come to.

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