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What is the minimum internet connection speed required to watch Internet TV?

What is the minimum internet connection speed required to watch Internet TV? I used to try to watch Hulu in my dorm room, which I thought had very fast internet, but the video still had to "buffer" often during the show.

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Firstly, Your computer should have at least...

    * 128 MB RAM memory
    * 10MB or more drive space
    * 1MB or higher connection speed

whereas higher the connection speed better the picture/video quality and overall performance.

Also, the source where the streaming media content comes from has to be factored in - if it has poor quality where it originated, then of course your computer will receive it as is..

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Hi sharon, Simple answer is you need an internet connection speed of 1mbps

( megabytes per second) or above for smooth and uninterrupted viewing.

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The minimum internet speed to watch internet TV is 512kbps.

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Hi Sharon,

The minimum 1MB/s connection speed is about right. However, since you mentioned Hulu, you should direct your attention to 'System Requirements' in their 'Getting Started' section. Go to http://www.hulu.com/help

Also there's a link where you can go to test your current connection speed. If you are using Hulu Plus, then the required connection speed is higher than 1MB/s.

Hulu has a discussion forum where you can go to ask questions as well.

Lastly, whatever Web TV site you use, you might want to refer to their system requirements section to see if your computer and connection are compatible - there may be different requirements.

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