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Skagit county, Snohomish county

Tamee, I'm not quite sure what your specific question is, but I'll guess you are looking for a place to prospect or pan for gold.  In SKAGIT Co. placer gold can be found in the Cascade River and it's tributaries, Sibley, Lookout and Day Creeks; plus possible placers in gravel bars and terraces along the Skagit River.  In SNOHOMISH County, the Sauk, Stillaguamish, Skykomish and Sultan Rivers; the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River and its tributary, plus Deer Creek; Squire and Buckeye Creeks, near Darrington.  You need to be aware that a lot of places where there is gold is already claimed.  Someone owns the mineral rights and it is a felony to extract minerals from someone else's claim, even on public land.  The best thing you can do is join a prospecting club.  The members have outings, provide instruction, and best of all, you get to use the club's claims and keep all the gold you find.  This is the easiest way to avoid being a claimjumper, and find the best places to prospect without having to do hours and hours of research.  You might be interested in joining the Washington Prospecting and Mining Association (WPMA) which has claims in your area.  I believe membership is around $50 per year.  Their website is   I hope I have been some help..............queenweed

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