Min Pin Eye problems

I have a Min Pin that is about 2 yrs old.  She has been having eye trouble and the Vet doesn't know what is wrong.  Her eyes are itchy, and one swells.  She scratches them and keeps them closed a lot.  One of her eyes gets a film over it from time to time, that must be wiped with a warm towel.  Does anyone know what is the problem, and how to fix it?  I am using medicated drops now, but they irritate her eyes even more.

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I would for sure see a different vet.  It sounds like your vet isn't very professional if his answer is just, "I don't know."  I think that there is for sure something that a vet can do to help, and I'm also sure that there is another vet around where you live.  Try that and do it quickly because it's not fun at all for your dog to be in discomfort, for either of you.  Good luck.

I'm not sure what state you live in (where is Morgantown?) but I am sure there is a veterinary eye specialist in your area that you can take your dog to see. If you can tell me what state you live in, I will do my best to help you find a specialist that you can take your dog to so that you can find out what's wrong.

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Sounds to me like an allergic reaction to something. It could be diet,chemicals used in your home or yard, laundry detergent or fabric softener used on dogs bedding, air fresheners, talc powder....the list is endless. Finding a canine opthamologist is your best bet to rule out something genetic.

my minpin has the same thing and when he scratches so much he gets missing hair patches around his eyes. Also the vet said "I dont Know". Its been a while have you been able to treat your dog yet???

I'm adopting a MinPin from an animal shelter and she had eye problems.  The vet there said that it's a genetic issue with MinPins and the tear ducts around the eye that has the problem don't work anymore.  She has to have these daily drops put in her eye that costs around $100 a month and soon she will have to have her eye removed because it causes so much discomfort.  I hope this issue isn't whats going on with your dog and I hope it gets better soon. . .

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