Hi my boobs producing milk before my pregnancy ...


 my boobs producing milk before my pregnancy what the reason actually behind it and what it so and it ranges from 2 to 4 cups daily i want answere as soon as possibe
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How soon before your pregnancy is the first question?  Also have you been pregnant before?  And a doctor would want to know about meds?  Don't feel embarassed to ask your doctor.  Since you allude to being pregnant I am assuming you are seeing one (or if the baby is here you are still seeing one).  Usually the lactation is hormonal when tied to an acutal pregnancy but can be brought on by a false pregnancy. 

 Best to speak with your doctor...

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Women only ever produce milk once they have become pregnant. It has nothing to do with any sex acts performed with their boyfriends or husbands.


Pregnancy hormones trigger the production of milk.

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If your partner is sucking on your breasts this will stimulate milk production or if you are using a breast pump,,, more simulation causes more milk production,, it is an supply regulated by demand.

but with this, i am a 16 year old girl, yes i am sexually active with my boyfriend but i have not become pregnant or anything and i can get some milk out of my breasts, i am on the pill, but i have no idea why i would be getting this milk but i do, and my mum was always able to do it since she was a teenager and so was my grandmother, my mum when ever she is around a baby she always get bigger boobs, in other words she get milk and my youngest sibbling is my brother who is 10 this year and she can still get milk out of her brest.

It is tied up with the hormone Estrogen, which is the female sex hormone. Estrogen is in most birth control pills. Castrated rams have been known to produce milk when grazing on Estrogen rich clover.


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