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I am a vietnam era veteran. I was not in combat.Last year during the Veterans Day Celebration theVietnam Veterans were recognized for their service.I went upon the platform to sit with the Vietnam ...

It was a veteran's day celebration.  You are a veteran.  You had every right to be where you were. I happen to be a Vietnam combat veteran.  Some people feel the need to be more important than they really are.  Your heart is in the right place.

God and me..........we be mates!
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Thank you from one whose husband was KIA. Your support during the Veterans Day Celebration seems to be your own thank you to those who served in combat. To know and understand the importance of what was endured deserves my own gratitude!

It is difficult to explain to a young child all that happened. He is now a grown man and a Ph.D. professor -- he escorted a group of master level students to Vietnam. It was a journey that gave him an understanding and a way to follow the path that belonged to his father.



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