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I am a vietnam era veteran. I was not in combat ...

I am a vietnam era veteran. I was not in combat.Last year during the Veterans Day Celebration theVietnam Veterans were recognized for their service.I went upon the platform to sit with the Vietnam Veterans. I wanted to say "thank you" and to let them know that they were not forgotten. You would think that I had sinned and ready to be thrown into hell,because I had no place on the platform. So, tell me who is a veteran? Was I wrong?

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You were in the military, you did the job you were ordered to do. Doesn't matter if you were in combat or not. No one has the right to say you aren't a veteran. Soldiers go where they're ordered to go and do what they're ordered to do. That's how it works.

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No. You are correct. I was also in the US Army from 1973 until 1979.  I am a Vietnam Era Veteran also. I was not in combat either but the point is we were in the military during war time. We could have been sent if they needed us there. I think it depends on what was said or who was invited to be on the platform. Maybe they said veterans who were in Vietnam. Maybe you were correct and they were wrong. If they invited all veterans to come to the platform then you were right to go up.

It was a veteran's day celebration.  You are a veteran.  You had every right to be where you were. I happen to be a Vietnam combat veteran.  Some people feel the need to be more important than they really are.  Your heart is in the right place.

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