MILFORD MI class of 89

Marriage Applications: 08/21/2011 ---- ---- — Marriage applications filed with the county clerk n Daniel Lutchko and Ryan Mosher n David MacKellar and Jennifer Lowry n Mark Makowski and Kelsey Beaverson n Timothy McGraw and Jessica Plasencia n Gregory McManemy and Natalie Janiga n James Moen and Brittany Snow n Jack Nicholls and Julie Christopherson n Michael Nizzi and Megan Madion n Eric Noble and Bobbi Bowen n Kyle Peterson and Samantha Kraak n Andrew Phipps and Patti Norby n Bryan Piedmonte and Megan Bolles n Josiah Pippin and Ashley Rubritius n Jason Razavi and Alicia Bowne n Dean Reid and Mary Younglas n Steven Roselle and Michelle Gmoser

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Presidental birthday card for 89 yr old Mom

I thought it was after 80 years old. Would love for my Mom to receive a card . Thanks

Milford Trek, New Zealand

Going out on a track and the enjoyment you take out of it is very individual. sometimes you'll hear different opinions about a track even though it came from two people walking on the same track on the same day . Most of the tracks enjoyment depends on the weather, If you climb for 6 hours and all ...

What goes on in a DDP class?

They educate you about the dangers of driving drunk and the ramifications of it on your future.

Never mind

Hopefully before I finish writing this book about Ol' Yeddar, but I'm not holding my breath.